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Maplewood Beauty Bar Now Offers MICROBLADING!

Microblading is a semi permanent form of cosmetic tattooing. It fills in sparse eyebrows in a natural looking way, creating the illusion of more hair on the brow. 
There are many reasons why someone would want to get microblading on their eyebrows, but whatever the reason is, it almost always boils down to enhancing facial features. Someone might consider microblading if they don't have a lot of hair on their eyebrows, whether as a result of incessant plucking or waxing or result of health conditions like cancer or alopecia, which usually cause hair loss.

Our technician Heather is certified in microblading. Microblading is an investment in your self-esteem, your physical appearance and most of all and how much more time you will have every morning when you don't have to fill in your eyebrows anymore.

Microblading Example #4
Microblading Example #2
Microblading Example #3
Microblading Example #1

All microblading appointments with Heather require a consultation to sit down with your technician and discuss what you're looking for with microblading and find out if you're a perfect candidate.
Rest assured when getting your procedure, Heather will apply a numbing ointment to your brows and again during your service to keep you as comfortable as possible.

The procedure from start to finish usually last about two hours.
Included in your initial price is a touch up after your healing process at about six weeks you will come back in just to ensure that your brows last the longest.

Brows require little to no maintenance once healed up except for once a year or you will come in for a touchup.

Microblading- $400 includes 6 week follow up appointment 

Yearly touch up -$125

(must be done within 10 to 14 months of initial service with Heather or additional cost is required.)

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